Question 27: Does God Regret?

365 Honest Questions, Question 27: Does God Regret?

Friend of the show Jonathan Benedetti and Dante dialogue about the possible interpretations of passages in the Bible wherein God appears to experience remorse. How can an infinite, all-knowing, all-powerful God have any regrets? The discussion takes us from Stephen King to cool new words such as "anthropopathism"!

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Key Scripture:
Genesis 6:6-8


Other Passages:
Exodus 32:7-14
Psalm 106:45
1 Chronicles 21:15
Jeremiah 18:8-10
Amos 7:3-6
Jonah 3:10
Numbers 23:19
1 Samuel 15:28-29
Malachi 3:6


Storm of the Century Stephen King's
Starring Tim Daly, Colm Feore, Jeffrey DeMunn, Spencer Breslin, Gerald Downey