The Sunset Limited

Solve the World, Episode 5: The Sunset Limited

Listen to the whole episode here.

From the middle of the episode:

“Unpause. Dear God, thank you for this day and for this nice morning and for this breakfast and for Daddy and Atticus and Jenn and breakfast. I'm sorry I pointed out Jenn's injury, please forgive me and give me a good day. And please tell Daddy to bring home a puppy when he gets back from his trip. Aaaaa-Men!” Scout looked up at Jenn. “We can eat now.” Scout plowed into her bowl.

Jenn found a trashcan to dispose of her soggy remnants.

“So are you my brother's new girlfriend?”

The question made Jenn blush. If she were honest with herself, she'd undoubtedly respond that she'd like to be the boy's girlfriend. She'd never been anyone's girlfriend before and she suspected that love was going to play into her formula for solving the world, so it certainly wouldn't hurt to have some experience in that arena.