Infinite Jest and Other Topics

Solve the World, Episode 4: Infinite Jest and Other Topics

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A girl walks into a drugstore. Streams of blood flow down her forehead. Jennifer Dash is in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and she hasn't solved the world yet. Not hardly.

Passing the cashier, a young man by the name of Atticus Further (we'll meet him in full in just a minute), Jenn held her hand over her head wound so as to not reveal her geyser to onlookers.

The store was abandoned. Jenn was alone (except for young Atticus, of course), but more to the point, Jennifer Dash felt alone. Being a delightful, charming, charismatic, attractive, tall and lively young lady, loneliness didn't suit her. It was uncomfortable to say the least. And it made her light-headed... or those feelings just came due to loss of blood. Who's to say? Blood seeped down between Jenn's fingers, paving its own trail and streaking down her arm like Gothic art.

"Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace
Copyright 1996
Published by Little, Brown and Co.
ISBN: 0-316-92004-5

*Note: "Infinite Jest" is without a doubt, the longest book I've ever read. I read it four years ago and still haven't gotten over it. The novel and Wallace's work in general continues to haunt me --- in a way I haven't quite come to terms with yet.

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