The Mechanical Giraffe

Solve the World, Episode 9: The Mechanical Giraffe

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From the middle of the episode:

He stood thirty feet in front of them, staring blankly forward from the center of the road. Jenn noticed him immediately. His composure told the tale of someone waking up from a nightmare. Then, just like that, like one awoken by an annoyingly loud alarm clock, Mohammad Najjar snapped. He sprinted at Jenn and Claude. Being a skinny, but broad-shouldered man, his approach brought terror with it. He screamed in some foreign tongue as he ran. Two of the dancers/Egyptian security guards tried to stop him, but like a running back primed for the goalposts, Mr. Najjar busted through their feeble line.

Like a ram, he pulverized Claude the mechanical giraffe's right foot. Down came the steel steed. Jenn, buckled in at various angles, had no hope of escape. Mohammad took out the leg, unbalancing the modern beast. The giraffe collapsed under its unbalnced weight. Jenn, fully aware that she was aboard a sinking titanic, as best she could, wrestled her body, and specifically her head aware from the concrete as it zoomed toward her. BANG!

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