Solve the World, Episode 17: Lillith

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From the middle of the episode:

No more crying over spilt milk. Now was the time to make a name for yourself in the history books: the girl who withstood torture... not for honor, not for loyalty, but for herself. How many sleepless nights were bound to keep her torturers stricken of peace? One hundred? A thousand? A thousand nights of solacelessness. That had a ring to it. Clench fists and teeth, clench fists and teeth. Never give in, never surrender. Hold steady. Hold firm. Terra firma. You are not a helpless dog, Jenn, you choose your destiny. You choose your future. You are the cause they react to. You are the unmoved mover. You are the first in a chain reaction. All the cards rest with you. You bluff, you gamble, you persevere. Clench your fists and teeth, old girl. Don't think about Tiff. Don't think about the bad things. Don't think about anything. Just hold rock steady. Stay poised until the end of days. Do this, and do it grandly, for nothing. That'll show them; the ultimate sign of power; doing this just because. You have something they want, and they aren't asking nicely. That's reason enough to clench our fists and teeth. We are not a dog. We will jump over that electric fence. We will find our freedom, in this life or the next. Clench and hold, clench and hold, clench and...

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