Solve the World, Episode 10: Illusion

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From the middle of the episode:

“Here's the thing,” Janner stated whilst he unbuttoned his suit jacket and took a seat.

“You're a nobody right now. If you were to become a somebody, suddenly, then things won't go too well for you. Magical Kingdom will start to ask itself what sort of Cleopatra it put its trust in. They'll begin to ask questions. People that you thought were your friends will spy on you. They'll tell your secrets to men you've never met and never will. At best, you'll walk away fired. But then again, who knows what they'll find once they really get down and pry under your rock. Maybe, when they see all the fire ants mulling around in your past, they'll have reason to prosecute. They might even send you to prison. They do, mind you, have to make sure the park is safe. And then again, maybe prosecuting you would be too costly. Magical Kingdom will never take the risk of having some skank girl make them look bad in the public's eye. You're not worth that type of effort. So maybe you just... disappear. You don't think giant organizations like Magical Kingdom backed by Babbits and d'Anconia's couldn't, and wouldn't, snuff you out like Sunday evening's paper?”

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