Meet Jennifer Dash

Solve the World, Episode 1: Meet Jennifer Dash

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Let me present to you, Jennifer Dash. 17 years of age, 5'9”, dirty blonde hair falling straight to the small of the back. Undeniably pretty, but the type of pretty that doesn't stand out in a crowd. Her charm is as such that in one moment she could easily pass for a tall 14 year old, and the next pull off the college-grad look. You would like her immediately if you met her. And you should. Jennifer Dash is a wonderful human being, full of youthful exuberance, naive charisma, childish glee, and a curiosity that could rival Nikola Tesla. Today she's wearing an orange shirt, cut-offs, and seventeen dollars waded up in her back pocket. And, as is her style, she sports knee high socks with matching colored sketchers. But we get ahead of ourselves... we really do hope you like her. You're stuck with her now. You're stuck with her for quite awhile.


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