The Seducers

Solve the World, Episode 11: The Seducers

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From the middle of the episode:

Dreamily, Jenn rode Huck. She remained blithely unaware of her surroundings for some time. Then, with a jolt, sudden panic. The last parade of the day was at 7:45. Usually, by the time she was ready to get home, it was well past 9:15, 9:30. Plus, she had nothing that she could wear to impress. Nothing would do. She'd have to buy a dress. But with what money?

It was 2:20 in the afternoon; only a few hours to solve the riddle, and dress to forever impress. Once off Huck, before the 5:15 parade, Jenn strolled by Susan's, her morning make-up artist, room to ask her if she could borrow some money (Guideline #4: Don't owe anyone anything.). Susan asked what for – Jenn opaquely answered, “For a date. I need to buy a dress.”

“Honey, that's what they pay you for. I don't lend money out. It never ends well.”

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