Solve the World, Episode 12: Cartoon

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Jenn, as she's apt to do these days, tiptoes into her apartment. She never knows what mood she'll find Tiff in. To her surprise, she spots Tiff sitting on the couch, head-in-hands, sobbing profusely.

“Jennifer, they took Flusher!”

“What?” Jenn feigned astonishment. She knew a day like this was coming, but so soon?

“They... they... they think he's a spy!”

“What? How? Says who?!” Jenn's outrage was only partially for show. She was deeply curious as to what the real situation with Flusher was. And she was still unsure as to who were the spies and who were the spy-ees.

“Look! Look at it yourself!!” Tiff pulled up a jumbled paper, the Los Angeles Chronicle, off the floor and handed it to Jenn.

“What am I looking at?” Jenn said as she peered through the paper.

“The Editorial cartoon! The Mrs. Moose!”

And there it was. Clear as day. The likeness was undeniable for anyone who'd ever met Flusher.

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