Under LA

Solve the World, Episode 7: Under LA

“Hi, yes. Hi.”
     Umm... hi.
“Yes. Good. Um... could you wake up for a minute, like, please?”
     Yeah, sure... why?
“You're, uh, you uh, you slept on my bench?”
     Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was your bench.
“Are you a Patriot?”
     A Patriot?
“Yeah, are you a Patriot or a Parrot?”
     Well, um... a Patriot, I guess. Do I have to chose?
“Yeah, yeah. If you're a drifter, like, you pretty much have to choose.”
“I don't know. Are you a, uh, a drifter--- drifteress?”
     No. I know where I'm going.
“Where are you going?”
     To the sea.
     I'm searching for Leviathan.

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