Introducing Magical Kingdom

Solve the World, Episode 8, Introducing Magical Kingdom

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From the middle of the episode:

Magical Kingdom, in its most infant phase, was the physical manifestation of Babbit's saint films. Its famously built as a ring of 7 Peaks. Each peak is named after a saint, and has attractions based off the life and myths of that particular saint. The center of the theme park is named Saints Row. When it opened in 1949, the center looked almost nothing like it does today. A quick rundown of the 7 peaks and 7 saints:

  1. St. George: the famous dragon slayer is iconographized as just that at Magical Kingdom's first peak. When the park first opened, “The Dragon” wooden coaster was the park's one and only thrill ride, featuring an animatronic, 45 foot behemoth, that remains intensely realistic even after 60+ years of use. Note: in 2002 the ride was re-opened and the dragon was moved and rearranged to jump out at the audience in a new, much more terrifying way.

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