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We scour the depths of sacred parchments.
We sway with the celestial seas of sci-fi.
We take you where you want to go. And some places you don't.

Fun with the Apocrypha
by Dante Stack
Available Sept. 1, 2018

From blinding bird poop to disemboweled war elephants, the Apocrypha is rife with fascinating stories. 

Come for the Biblical exegesis, stay for the jokes.

STW Cover long.png

Solve the World: Part I
by Dante Stack
Available Oct. 1, 2018

An epic to end all epics. Part I of IV

Book of Mormon.png.png

Fun with the Book of Mormon
by Mason Stoddard
Available March 1, 2019

If you're looking for a straightforward, neutral, and whimsical guide through The Book of Mormon, then this is your book.