Fun with the Apocrypha

Available in paperback on and everywhere ebooks are sold September 1st, 2018

From blinding bird poop to disemboweled war elephants, the Apocrypha is rife with fascinating stories. Sadly, those stories are often hidden within a miasma of boringness.

Fun with the Apocrypha is your cheat code to knowing and understanding these ancient Jewish texts without having to trudge through the boring stuff yourself. Chock-full of pop culture references, Dante takes you book-by-book through the ancient Jewish texts, skipping over the boring parts while digesting the meaning of the stories in relation to the rest of the Bible. Whether you're a zealous believer or merely a Biblical wanderer, this is your guide to familiarize yourself with the 'extra' books of the Bible.

Come for the Biblical exegesis, stay for the jokes.