Fun with the Book of Mormon

Available in paperback on and everywhere ebooks are sold February 1st, 2019

Called by some "the American Bible", The Book of Mormon is believed to be a holy book by over 16 million people. Many a non-Mormon has picked up this American tome in an effort to understand Latter-day Saints' key scripture and has either come away baffled or given up altogether. If you're looking for a straightforward, neutral, and whimsical guide through The Book of Mormon, then this is your book.

In Fun with The Book of Mormon, you'll discover tales of Lehi and his family, commanded by God, leaving Jerusalem in 600 B.C., crossing the Arabian desert, building a ship, and sailing to the "Promised Land" of the Americas. Once arriving in the Americas, the family splits into two warring nations whose descendants engage in epic bloody warfare and epic theological developments. You'll read stories of danger, mystery, intrigue, and romance, and it all climaxes with Jesus himself, in His resurrected glory, personally appearing to the peoples of the Americas and delivering to them his Good News.

Written by a now-agnostic ex-Mormon, Fun with The Book of Mormon is a merry excursion through the contents of this "cornerstone of Mormonism". Mason brings both an insider's perspective and an outsider's neutrality to his take on The Book of Mormon. His book only briefly touches on the historical debates surrounding the origins and historicity of The Book of Mormon. Rather, he focuses on the stories and doctrines contained within The Book of Mormon and what the book means to its believers today.

Come for the Biblical exegesis, stay for the jokes.