1001 heroes, legends, histories, and mysteries

The relationship between 365 Honest Questions and the history podcast 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries continues to grow. Dante has guest hosted multiple episodes of the history podcast. Listen to all of them NOW!

History's Biggest Heavyweight fight: Hannibal vs. Scipio Africanus

The Knights Templar: Crusaders or Conspirators?

Seven Reasons Why Zombies Terrify Us

365 + 1001 crossover podcast event!

What happens when the Bible spills over into history? Answer: great podcasts!
Dante guest hosted an episode of 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries to bring us the Top 10 theories concerning the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant.

Listen to"Question of the Lost Ark" here!

Then, on 365 Honest Questions, we covered the Ark of the Covenant from a strictly Biblical perspective.

Listen to "What's Up with the Ark" here!



CAVEMAN PODCAST -- after Dante released the 365 Honest Questions episode entitled Is Atlantis Real? he was interviewed about his findings on this X-files-ish podcast.